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Mostly a lots of cats...


The Spirit of Ethil pg3 by Lunewen
by Lunewen

So far only few pages long, this comic is already one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. On the visual field, at least. Because we...

Wip walking Lunewen 2 by Lunewen
by Lunewen

This work is awesome example of animal walking animation. The movement is very nice and anatomically correct. Synchronization of front ...




MadRacer's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
Czech Republic
Hi, I'm Mad-Racer.

The real name... Well, I dunno if I want to tell you, actually. XD
Actually... It's written in most of my new signatures.

Still, You can call me Mad, or simply, Jacob.

I'm a student artist from Czech Republic. ( Čau lidi! )

I focus on digital art and animation, but I have some experience in traditional art, too.
Aaaand I like cats :meow:

Guess that's all bout me, now have a nice day and enjoy the pics. :)

Awesome stamps made by SweetJOA::iconsweetjoa:

:iconemptysquareplz:MadRacer 3 by SweetJOA
MadRacer by SweetJOAMadRacer 2 by SweetJOA
Again, thank you very much. :D

stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rouge Some other cool stamps:
Stamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirl Czech Republic by LifesDestiny
Kute kittens by prosaix My favourite sport by prosaix
Insomnia? by Chocolatier-Mihael fav-ninja by CookiemagiK
The STAMP by pyromancy


Favourite genre of music: Everything I like + PC game soundtracks

Operating System: - Win7, Though, it's not really operating :-/

Wallpaper of choice: Kitten!

Favourite cartoon character: Mittens from 'Bolt' :iconmittenscatplz:

Personal Quote: Uhh...

And always remember:
Deviation Buttons: Anti Theft by Metadream


The Super Animators by MadRacer
The Super Animators
A collaborative piece of all our animation classmates. A common logo to represent our class at the last few months on our school and to remind of us after we leave.

I've promised to upload it a while ago, so here it is now. :)

Using the chessboard format to name respective authors:

Lukáš Češka: 1A, 2C, 5A, 5C

Michaela Twrdá: 1B, 3C, 4E, 5B

Jakub Langenberk: 1C, 3A, 5D

Jakub Kuchař: (me)1D, 4B, 4C, 5E

Barbora Trojanová: 1E, 2B, 3D, 4A

Hana Červenková: 2A, 2D

Hana Brychlecová: 2E, 3B, 3E, 4D

The pieces are owned by their respective authors and are uploaded with their permission. If they decide to upload bigger versions of their pieces and will tell me, the'll be linked with their numbers. Nobody else is allowed to use this without their permission.
Sleepy Kitty - loop animation. by MadRacer
Sleepy Kitty - loop animation.
A little short loop that will appear in my upcoming animated film, which is also my shool leaving exam. :D

I'll put up a trailer after Christmas, and the film itself should appear at the start of summer 2015.
Incorrect Variable by MadRacer
Incorrect Variable
Another piece of the class-wide colladorative project, this time a little bit more abstract, using modified elements from one of my other pictures.

The other piece of this big 'puzzle' is The Engineer. If you tried to put these two pics next to each other, you might actually uncover a fragment of the hidden picture.

Picture has been edited to better fit the whole set. The full picture can be found here.
The N.O. Project - 41P by MadRacer
The N.O. Project - 41P
Here goes second in the N.O. series. Aziz, the gentle giant,.. more or less. This character is slightly different from the common KvK fanart, mainly because he's not based on the Kat we all know. Instead his design originates from the big Kat soldiers, who can be seen for example in episode 'The Kat went back'

To get a complete picture about the context, read Versteckt's Kid vs. Kat fanfiction: Agent 30A, from where the characters originate.

Previous members: <<<<
Next: Coming soon.

Hope you like, below the disclaimer you can find history and description of the character.
This is a commision paid by Versteckt.
The characters and included character descriptions are ©Versteckt. This picture itself is ©MadRacer
You are not allowed to use or copy this picture in any way without my written permission.
The TV show Kid vs. Kat, on which the picture is based, is ©Disney

The N.O. Organization

Agent: 41P

Birth Name: Aziz Sundén

Rank Number: Number Ten

Rank status: Low

Contributing ability: Vibrokinesis


Sundén was born in a way that is different from how most Nebulans were: completely and utterly blind. Natural blindness is incredibly rare among his kind, and this came as quite a shock to everyone around him. The doctors could not discover any reason for his condition, nor a way to fix it. They had ways to at least try to help sure his condition, but nothing ever worked. Surprisingly though, Aziz was still a perfectly happy and healthy kitten. Eventually, the doctors and his parents conceded to his blindness, but there was still something that perplexed them. Whenever Aziz’s condition was mentioned or brought up, he would vehemently counter whoever spoke of it, saying that he could “see just fine!” At first, they just chalked his words up to denial, but he proved his statements by the perfectly precise, natural movements and navigation of his environment. He even gave anyone who spoke to him exact eye-contact, to the further surprise (and slight unsettlement) of those around him.

Apparently, sticking more to his father’s genes than his mother’s, Sundén always managed to be one of the bigger kids on his block, if not the biggest. However, he was also one of the gentlest ones, and always made sure that no one got hurt while they played. Sometimes though (and much to the chagrin of his caring but strict father) the unusually large kitten would just take walks and enjoy what little beauty their native planet had to offer; what he could “see”, anyway. His mother was always fine with his peaceful behavior, but he thought a bit differently. Unfortunately for him, Aziz was not very interested in following in the footsteps of his father’s successful military career, not liking the concept of violence or war in the slightest. Try as he might, Aziz was as stubborn and unyielding as he was, back in his younger days. It took a while for him to accept how things were (up until intermediate school, to be exact), but he grew into this personality, and kept to himself about his support of their planet’s ways.

However, unbeknownst to either of his parents, there was something inherently violent that he took interest in. It was something that would forever change the course his life and that something was fire. You couldn’t touch, taste, or even smell it. The sound it gave off was gentle and soft, as was its supposed appearance (which, ironically, he was unable to enjoy) Fire had a…presence to it, and yet, you could not experience it without serious repercussions. And while most he knew would rather kill that presence, Aziz saw something else about it. Fire was alive; it breathes, it grows, it eats, it has purpose and maybe some level of sentience, even if those were partially to consume. As he began to grow, his interest grew along with him, in private, and he began to seek a way to harness it, to control it…to commune with it. These odd thoughts were a guilty pleasure for him, and he only continued to keep what some close-minded fools might think as dark aspirations a secret. This obsession was ultimately the beginning of his future.

As a student, to say that he was reluctant would be an accurate statement to put forth. It’s not that he was unintelligent or anything, because he actually excelled in certain subjects, such as sports, science, and creative literature. However, the majority of ones that Aziz was not so competent at were subjects that involved the history and ways of his people, which often included their bigoted and destructive stories of the past. When it came to these particular classes, he would often sit back in his thoughts, apathetic as always. As one can imagine, it did not take long for his laziness to take notice of, not only his instructors and parents, but his fellow peers, as well, albeit with different results.

During this time, in his mid-adolescence, his unshakable and overwhelming reputation was established. Still clinging to the non-violent ideals he once held as a child, Aziz would tell those individuals about them. His most famous ideal was that if their society was to be as perfect as possible, than they “must move away from their corrupt system!” As he continued to grow older, it grew to a point that he was more akin to a prophet, than a simple teenager, and this created many problems for him, as higher officials soon took notice. This would lead to future issues, but it was not the next turning point of his life.

One day, while he was in his favorite class: Biology, a loud bang sounded, followed by a tremendous shockwave being sent throughout the building. Soon after, another teacher barged into the classroom, and told his instructor what had happened. Apparently, someone had attacked and blown-up his second-favorite room in the school: The Gymnasium. Panic quickly ensued, and everyone desperately clamored to escape the establishment. They could all see very clearly, but during the escape something disrupted his “vision”. Because of the immense and intense chaos, everything was cut off from him, and he ended up lost and stumbling through the halls. Eventually, his sight returned, but by then, he had mistakenly brought himself into a burning corridor. Things too a turn for the worst, as a confused Aziz earned a nasty blow to his cranium and body from the burning debris that fell on him.

As the late-adolescent cat lay under the rubble, for who knows how long, yelling for help unable to see or hear any possible rescuer, once again, completely new emotions and feelings had painfully struck him: fear, abandonment, and hopelessness, among others. For the first time of his life, Aziz was completely helpless, and he didn’t like that feeling.  But, now, stuck under the soul-crushing weight of the school’s hallway, the cruel spirit of reality embraced him with its cold arms, despite the searing heat of the fire…the fire. He wasn’t sure what it was, but something about his situation rekindled the spark that he had unintentionally separated himself from. Everyone else may have left him for dead, but the fire was still here, here to keep him company until he could leave, either by one way or another. As a wild smile began to creep on his face, his thoughts were immediately disrupted a sudden noise. Aziz Sundén looked up to see two, undiscernible Nebulan shapes in the distance…their aura overwhelming.

Eventually, he was found and given the proper medical attention, much his parents and friends’ delight, but that was because they didn’t know about what was going on inside of him…his change. Once discharged, he spoke with his parents, immediately, telling them about his experience and how he felt (excluding two, very important details). After a long discussion, Aziz said that he was deeply angry and upset at whoever it was that caused the attack in the first place, and he wanted to try and prevent it from happening again. This is when he had decided that he wanted to enlist in their military. Initially, and surprisingly, he was met with opposition from both his mother and father, whose opinions on the subject must’ve changed over the years. But with enough talking down, they conceded to his will, and let him enlist with their planet’s forces.

The military career for Sundén was quite a successful one, albeit short. He was always described as “the perfect soldier”, by his superiors, but always a fighter and always eager. Unfortunately, when it came to anything revolving around explosives, he became a little too eager, and soon, his over-eagerness would only increase. One night, while he and his men were sleeping in their cots, two, older, very beautiful, and oddly familiar-feeling women came to him in a dream. After some small talk and congratulating him on his success, they said that he was ready to move away from this, and continue on along his destined path. It took some time, but Aziz eventually agreed, but was confused on just how to do what she required of him. At this, one of the women brought the full existence of his ability to his attention, further activating and unleashing it from his mind. A month after the following enemy attack (at least, that’s what was in the released documents); the large Nebulan’s superiors received an order for his…honorable discharge. Although they knew better, apparently, the Kommander had decided that instead of any reprimanding of any sort, as they had requested, it appeared that his talents would be better suited for the Agency route.

There is not much documentation about what happened during his career as “Agent 77C”, but what is said was impressive. As far as the records go, he is the only Kat Nebulan to have been assigned multiple planets at a single campaign. It is said that his savagery was so terrifying and astounding, that all three of them offered surrender within a few weeks of attack. Obviously, something went very wrong during this special mission, because the Kommander soon became very furious with him. So, after hearing about what can only be assumed as a grievous violation of protocol, he was pulled from the program.

For the longest time, too ashamed to even consider facing his loved ones again, Aziz hopped from hotel to hotel, city to city, lonely, angry, and broken. He cursed the witches who sent him on this path in the first place, but he cursed himself even more, because of how much he had let himself fall from what could have been. However, this changed, once he came across an alleyway fight going on; a good fight usually steadied his nerves, during his military days. As things escalated between everyone, he suddenly exposed his abilities, consuming everyone in a body-fueled blaze. He could only stand there and look at the doomed beings, running and flailing about, desperately trying to avoid the clutches of death as they were brought into the warm envelopment of the fire; his fire. After fully escaping the scene and hiding for a few weeks, Aziz, unable to control his impulses constantly repeated the gruesome deed; he had fulfilled his childhood dream of communion with the element. He didn’t just stop at torching bodies though, and it didn’t take long for things to escalate further, with both the events and his abilities. Eventually, the now serial killer/arsonist reached a breaking point, and this was when he was approached by someone, who he could clearly see this time. He was an admittedly handsome Nebulan, with a warm visage. After introducing himself, he told the shattered Aziz that he had been watching him, and that if he wanted it, he could help him achieve his true potential, to revive and rebirth him. Truly desperate, he took his stretched-out paw, as the Nebulan pulled him up and patted his back…welcoming him home.

No longer “Aziz Sundén”, but instead “41P”, he acts as the official tracker and, oddly enough, a co-vice-enforcer for the Organization. If the mood strikes him, he also helps the Twins with hunting prey. However, he will also take on the task of being the “bodyguard” for 03A, who he feels the most loyalty towards.



Not being one to be shy around others, Aziz always had good, social fortune. The immense confidence, joy, and sense of leadership he held made him a beacon, and whether it was in school, or on the battlefield, those that saw his inspirational light flocked to him, like moths to a flame. That said he was also an incredibly kind and gentle soul who showed great love to just about anyone. On the point of entering the Organization, however, that individual had been brutally mauled, barely managing to cling to dear life. The main way this has shown to be true is that he is considered as one of the more “sympathetic”, “laid-back”, and “friendly” members in their ranks. Still, Aziz remains as a fairly cruel being, mercilessly slaughtering those who would challenge the authority of their leader, or simply if they made him angry enough, which isn’t an easy feat.



No journal entries yet.

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